[51] Isaac Rebekah and the twins, the battle of the seeds

19 And these are the generations of Isaac, the son of Abraham. Abraham begat Isaac.
20 And Isaac [Isaac and his genetic seed, the genetic house of Isaac] happened to be son of 40 year at his taking Rebekah, [a] daughter of Bethuel [God destroys or tarrying of God], the Syrian from Paddan-aram, [a] sister of Laban, the Syrian, as his wife.
21 And Isaac kept on entreating Jehovah especially for his wife, because she was barren; so Jehovah let himself be entreated for him, and Rebekah his wife [the sons of the ICC, the covenant house of Isaac] became pregnant.
22 And the sons [of the JAC, judicially alive] within her began to struggle with each other, so that she said: If this is the way it is, just why am I alive? [reader question: Because you have born again sons inside you] With that she went to inquire of Jehovah [always a good idea!].
23 And Jehovah proceeded to say to her: 2 nations [born again seeds] are in your belly/womb [singular], and 2 peoples [water baptised groups] will be separated [into two churches] from your inward parts/internal organs [plural] [her inward parts - reproductively -  produce water baptized children]; and the one people will be stronger than the other people [the second church is stronger doctrinally than the first], and the older [people/church] will serve the younger [people/church].
24 Gradually her days came to the full for giving birth, and, look! twins were in her belly.
25 Then the first came out red all over like a majestic-garment of hair [sacrificial, royal; and good at evangelising which bring in those who glue themselves to the body rather than to God. Roman Catholic Cardinals all wear red garments of hair even today!] so they called his name Esau [The 1NC saints].
26 And after that his brother came out and his hand was holding onto the heel of Esau [hairy] [the second true church of a presence guides the heal and saves the foot of the first true church, taking height to be time] ; so he called his name Jacob [surplanter] [the ELC saints in the first presence and 2NC saints in the second presence]. And Isaac [was] son of 60 year [??] at her giving them birth (Genesis 25).

27 And the boys got bigger [more saints entered into the church], and Esau became a man knowing how to hunt [evangelise], a man of the field [field service], but Jacob a blameless/plain/morally pure man, dwelling in tents.
28 And Isaac [Isaac and his genetic seed, i.e. the Jews and the Edomites] had love for Esau [the 1NC hunters], because game/hunting in his mouth [the congregation having to listen to his words/commands, his mouth, being under his authority. For the Jews dominate the 1NC from the apostles downwards since it is patriarchal, the first on board having the most authority. The Jews were called into it first, starting with Peter in 29Heshvan. This is Isaac who expressed a preference - Isaac in the church], whereas Rebekah [the sons of the ICC] was a lover of Jacob [The ELC saints in the first presence and the 2NC saints in the second. These being first covenants of the presence not to be dominated by genetics, but rather by love of God and of Jesus and by their morality] (Genesis 25).

Isaac (5), Rebekah (3).

Rebekah means ensnarer or captivator. Perfect descriptions for the two churches. The first one hunts people down and imprisons them mentally. The second captivates them mentally and liberates their heart and mind. Know the truth and the truth will set you free.

So Isaac is the mediator of the ICC, Rebekah is the ICC, the two nations in her belly are TCC1 and TCC2, the two national groups not said to be in her belly but in her inward parts are two spirit baptisms, 1NC and ELC. A national group is a part of a Nation. The ELC was stronger interpretationally than the 1NC , knowing more, and the older group the 1NC serves/submits to the younger group the ELC. The conflict arises out of Rebekah's children being alive, i.e. born again saints. It is a battle between living seeds. This is repeated in the case of TCC3 and TCC4.

Also we have the nation, the genetic seed, of the Jews and the 'nation' of the Gentiles both enter into the ICC and so are in the womb of Rebekah. These two genetic seeds are also separated into two consecutive churches. In the Christian church, which proved stronger than the Mosaic church, the older ones (the Jews) actually served the younger people of God, the Gentiles by having oversight of the early Christian church, all the apostles being Jews.

The general point being made here is that Isaac has two seeds (whether they be genetic or spirit begotten) and these are separated into two churches. The genetic seed went into the law then into the Christian church. The spirit begotten seed goes into the first church of the presence, which is a hairy majestic royal evangelical 1NC church, and then into the separated second church of the presence which is a surplanter of the first church.

Barnabus knew that this story had a greater meaning and understood this to refer to the Jews and the Gentiles, the older people of God serving the younger...

2 Hear then what the Scripture says concerning the people: And Isaac prayed concerning Rebecca his wife, because she was barren, and she conceived. Then Rebecca went forth to enquire of the Lord and the Lord said to her: two nations are in thy womb, and two peoples in thy belly, and one people shall overcome a people, and the greater shall serve the less.
You ought to understand who is Isaac and who is Rebecca, and of whom he has shown that this people is greater than that people (Barnabus 13).

So Barnabus declares that this story has a greater meaning, just as Paul declared in Galatians that the story of Sarah and Hagar in earlier in Genesis had a greater meaning. Barnabus makes a valiant attempt to interpret Genesis 25, with the Jews struggling with the first century Christians. And both groups were subcovenants of the ICC, so they were both children of the woman of that covenant. Ironically the Jews, the older seed, did end up serving the Gentiles as ministers in the first Christian church! Mankind always ends up split into two groups who compete with each other. In every country, even every small island in the world there is a North South divide of some type.  This is not the right spirit for a Christian to exhibit. For his battle is not with his brother but with sin and imperfect understanding. We should have the same inquiring spirit that Einstein and Jesus both spoke about, keep on asking questions said the one and keep on asking knocking and seeking said the other.