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[505] The 12 Comings of the Christ

Sections to read first: [33], [506]

From section [506], we know that Michael came as Enoch, Isaac, Ezekiel, Elisha and once as the prince of the army of Jehovah:

No, but I as the prince of the army of Jehovah, I have now come (Joshua 5:14),

before he came as Jesus in 2BC to start the 120 year first presence. That makes 6 comings. Then he came as Michael for his earthly ministry as Jesus for 3 years, then he came again to appoint FDS2. Then he came after the first presence to remove FDS2 then he came to start his second presence in 1884Tishri. Then he came to appoint FDS3. Then he came to appoint FDS4. That makes 12 comings in all. The final coming at Armageddon is after this system ends. There are 12 in all because Jesus said:

The master of that slave will come on a day that he does not expect and in an hour that he does not know (Matthew 24:50).

You also, keep ready, because at an hour that you do not think likely the Son of man is coming (Luke 12:40).

And there are 12 hours in the day:

Jesus answered: There are 12 hours of daylight, are there not? If anyone walks in daylight he does not bump against anything, because he sees the light of this world (John 11:9).

Here are his 12 comings in this system in tabular form - see [101] for dates:

Michael Coming As Function Date
1st Enoch Train up for role as Christ After 3340 BC
2nd Isaac Patriarch After 1858 BC
3rd Prince of the army of Jehovah to Joshua Fight for the sons of Israel as they took the promised land by the sword. 1473Nisan BC
4th Elisha Prophesy Anointing of Jehu 905 BC
5th Ezekiel Prophesy 5th year of exile of Jehoiachin, 592 BC
6th Jesus Christ the son of Joseph Jesus Born to Mary and Joseph, who died at his baptism by John. 2Tishri10 (BC) -29Tishri10 AD
7th Michael in Jesus Messiah, validation sacrifice for the 1AC. Ministry and Ransom. Appoint FDS1 exclusively at Resurrection 29Tishri10-33Nisan16
8th Jesus Appoint FDS2 until manifestation 64Nisan - around 91 AD
9th Jesus Remove FDS2 444Tishri
10th Jesus Appoint FDS3 1914Tishri - 1918Nisan
11th Jesus Appoint FDS4 1994Nisan - 1999Elul 
12th Jesus with Gabriel and Melchizedek and the 288,000 New covenant and 2nd New covenant saints, in fact the whole cast Final revealing of God to mankind 2012Nisan17 onwards