[250] Who Ransoms Eve and could she have passed the test?

We know that Michael Ransoms Adam Angelically and Melchizedek Ransoms him physically. So that saves Adam and his covenant born again children. So the 3BC could have saved  Eve, had she needed saving angelically. So what measure does God have in place to save the 'mother of everyone living'. Well the first thing to realise is that Eve did not lose her judicial life (her associated angelic soul, her spirit baptism) when she sinned. This is apparent because she was thoroughly deceived and so did not consciously sin. She sinned with her flesh but not with her spirit.

14 Also Adam was not deceived, by Eve was thoroughly deceived and came to be in transgression (1 Timothy 2).

This scripture is saying that Adam sinned with his spirit and Eve did not. This is why the good book says:

20 Adam called her name Eve, because she had to become the mother of everyone living (Genesis 3).

In fact the very word Eve means: Living one. But Eve did face a physical penalty, she lost her indefinitely lasting edenic body. She was downgraded to a 960 year long body like Adam had. Her ageing body became one flesh with Adam's body due to their marriage. So that entered her into the Abelian Faith covenant through her marriage to Adam. Presumably she passed the baptism test and then entered into the FRC. So her ageing body will be ransomed by Melchizedek. Incidentally it was a virtually impossible test for Eve, with a mental experience of just a few decades to win. To pit her against Satan was a no contest. So really the test was not on Eve, it was on Adam. And yet it was not really a test on Adam, for he likewise was never going to be able to resist Eve, with no experience of bad. But we, his sons, will resist, thanks to the efforts of God and Jesus and Gabriel and Melchizedek and the holy spirit all our ancestors who have resisted bad and learned from the copper serpent. Satan's character does not take long to get an understanding of. No it was a test on Satan, he was condemned by his interaction with Eve. At first sight it appears that Eve ruined Adam, but the truth is that the pair of them exposed Satan and that he ruined himself and was fully condemned by Jesus.

Eve sinned after this but only lost her human soul as a result of this sin. Therefore when the human soul expired she was raptured into her angel. Therefore Eve did not die. Therefore she was not murdered. This is why Jesus called Satan a manslayer when he began but not a murderer. The scriptures do not say that Eve died. Now we know why. Eve became the physical mother of every human living. But Adam through the 3BC becomes the father of every born again human living. But how does Eve become the mother of everyone living in the judicial angelic sense?

Eve is the mother of everyone living

She is the mother of Jared and of Nahor and of Jacob. These mediated the JDAC, the NAC, and the JAC, the 3 system angelic covenants. All the saints are sons of one of these 3 system mediators.