The Life Way Orphanage in Kisii Kenya 


The Lords Witnesses Kenya are headed up by Pastor Zachariah Tinega. He and his wife Agnes run an orphanage housing 22 children and they raise the youngest ones of those in their own house. They have several unpaid volunteers who help them look after the children. 

They manage to feed all 22 of them for $350 per month (with plantain maize and rice). 

Here is a brief summary of the current state of affairs from Pastor Zach...

Blessings dear loving friends,

We appreciate your love and concern so much for the Lords ministry here Kisii. Before we met you/the Lords witness church, we had been moving with young caring children in the orphanage but with much of difficulties, most of the time we do facing challengers on feeding, clothing, educating and medical care for these kids in the orphanage. On feeding, we used to depend from some few church members here who do help once per very harvest season, do help some food to the orphanage like fruits which is not enough for the 22 children to eat even one week and it took long time to get this fruits. My wife and I have been working up and down to get odd jobs to meet with all this needs but still not able, we even started some orphan project that of keeping chickens to sell eggs so that can even have food for the children, it has not been so easier but still keeping on. 
Our county governments do not give any help at the moment; they only helped us with only 6 mattress 5 years ago and this happened after we knocked in their officers more than 10times. Also the national governments do help with school books and games activities. All other remaining areas do face on us e.g.. School fees, evolution test exams fees, school uniforms etc..

My father used to help 33 kids in the hired rooms but since he passed away, we had no ways of feeding the children or paying for their renting house; most of the children went to streets, others were back later, that is the time we build some 2 temporary rooms. Until today many other need kids trying to join us but since we have no ways of accommodating them we are not able. Currently staying with 22 kids in their temporary rooms, girlís dormitory and boys, also do stay with 4 young kids in my house egged 3-4 years old.

Any help with prayers for these precious kids to get a happy home we deeply appreciate and praying for you. We pray God continue to open heavenly ways to meet their daily needs. Would also love to share the orphanage photos naming them one by one for your daily prayer. My 2 Gods and their 2 wives bless your families daily with endless love and provision. Pray for my wife, the orphanage staff who have committed themselves to serve children and that our 2 Gods add more strength as we committee ourselves to serve the young children teaching them the truth of the Bible under the Lords witness church teachings for them grow up knowing our 2 Gods and their 2wives/holy spirit, as well as to all congregations in Kisii.

With much love and care,

Pastor Zachariah

Boys' Dormitory                                                                                                                                                                Girls' Dormitory

Dinner Time                                                                                                                                                                    Washing Time

Inside Boys' Dormitory                                                                                                                                                 Chicken Feed Business!

There are many more children on the streets who need to be looked after but they cannot accomodate more than 22 with the resources they presently have. The bible is very clear on what God's people should do for widowns and orphans...

22 Ye shall not afflict any widow, or fatherless child. (KJV)
23 If thou afflict them in any wise, and they cry at all unto me, I will surely hear their cry; (Exodus 22 KJV)

14 For you yourself have seen trouble and vexation. You keep looking on, to get [them] into your hand. To you the unfortunate one, the fatherless boy, commits [himself]. You yourself have become [his] helper. (Psalms 10 NWT)

17 Learn to do good; search for justice; set right the oppressor; render judgment for the fatherless boy; plead the cause of the widow. (Isaiah 1 NWT)

27 The form of worship that is clean and undefiled from the standpoint of our God and Father is this: to look after orphans and widows in their tribulation, and to keep oneself without spot from the world. (James 1 NWT)









Chris Kennedy.

9yrs old.


Both parents died 3yrs ago, was street boy until met life-ways children home, Want to be pastor.


Damah Sosi.

14 yrs old.


Her parents died 6yrs ago by the flood. Want to be a Lawyer.


Ruth Nyambori.

9 yrs old.


Father died 2yrs ago leaving her mother pregnant, also her Mum died during her birth time,. Want to be teacher.


Bob Nyabuto.

8 yrs old.


His mother died 2 yrs ago & father abandoned him after marrying another wife.  want to be a teacher.


Faith Kerubo

6yrs old.


Her father wanted to kill mother, said the pregnancy was not from her father, her mother stayed in the town until the birth of this girl, she was found road-side at age of 7months.


Sarah Kemuma

3 yrs old.

Not joined.

Her mother died 1 yrs ago through HIV, her father got married to another wife, and she was abandoned at young age..


Doris Nyamani.

7 yrs


Never knew her parents, she was found in the river-side at age of 4months, parents abandoned her after realized she was an albino girl, want to be nurse.


Boniface Marube.

14yrs old.


His father died 6 yrs ago through post-election violence, only child born in his family. Want to be an engineer.


Annabel Ogaro.

5yrs old.


Both parents died 4yrs ago through road accident leaving behind family of 6 children, she is 3rd born. Wants to be teacher.


Alex Otwori.

6 yrs old.


Both parents died 3 yrs ago through HIV, only child born in a poor family. He pray to be veterinarian.


Eunice Omangwa.

5 yrs


Parents died 6 yrs ago through post-election violence, she is first born, and her young children died same day with parents. Pray to be nurse.


Brian Nyamweya.

5yrs old.


Father died 5 yrs ago leaving his mother in miserable stage in a poor family, need food, cloths medical & education.$30 will help to cover his monthly needs. Will be footballer.


Hyphone  Omangwa.

12yrs old.


Father was mentally sick after  motherís burial day, her father started walking in different towns eating  food from dustbin in streets, nowhere to be found. Wants to be teacher.


Beatrice Juma.

9yrs old.


Mother died 1 yrs ago, Father raped her while he was drunk; father jailed 60 yrs in prison.  pray to be business lady.


Michel Monyenye.

15 yrs

Form 1(high school)

Father died 5 yrs ago & mother got married to another man. She Pray to be nurse.


Julius Momanyi.

13yrs old.


Father died 5 yrs ago leaving his mother in miserable, mother is drunk due to a poor family in poverty, need food, cloths medical & education. Will be TV reporter.


Evans Sosi

3yrs old.

Baby class

Both parents died through flood 4 yrs ago in Turkana where used to stay



13 yrs old.


Her mother died 2 yrs ago through HIV, her father got married to another wife due to force her to earlier marriage. Prays to be a Lawyer.





Both parents died and went to street, met with my wife doing shopping for the children in the market & followed her into our orphanage. Wants to be a Bible teacher.


Austin Jujah.

14yrs old.


Both parents died 6 yrs ago through HIV. Want to be a surgeon.


Vela Rioba

3 yrs old.

Baby class

Both parents died 1 yrs ago, leaving this boy with his grandmother who is in poverty at age of 65 yrs. He needs food, cloths, medical & education.



14yrs old.


Mother died 4 yrs ago and father abandoned her. Need food, cloths, shelter and education.

If you wish to help Pastor Zach and his wife Agnes to look after these children or expand the orphanage to cater for more kids please donate to the Lifeway Orphanage Kisii...